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💰 Earn money with surveys, earn money fast! Free gift cards! 💰
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January 20, 2021
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💰 Earn money with surveys, earn money fast! Free gift cards! 💰

Are you ready to make easy money from the comfort of your home? Poll Pay is the best cash app 2020 to earn real money rewards on your smartphone. Complete simple polls and surveys to help you earn your second salary. Receive your rewards as either free PayPal Cash, a free voucher, or coupons.

Your mobile mini-job is not only easy but also fast with Poll Pay. Real rewards and free gift cards are waiting for you! Be smart and earn money with a survey! Poll Pay is leading the way for survey apps that pay cash. Earn money from home while you search for an alternative job. Increase your PayPal balance with PayPal credit.

🤷‍♀️ What are the free rewards? 🤷‍♀️

• Amazon gift card
• Xbox gift card
• Netflix gift card
• GooglePlay gift card
• PayPal credit
• iTunes gift card

The perfect side job these days is on your cell phone! Ingenious vouchers and free gift cards don’t earn themselves, but with Poll Pay, it’s easy. Easy tasks to earn real money are waiting for you!

🎁 Rewarded surveys enable you to earn free gift cards! How do you get your coupons, a voucher or free gift cards? 🎁

1. Login
2. Complete surveys on your phone
3. Exchange balance for Gift cards, a Voucher, PayPal credit or other rewards.

How do you get the rewards you’ve earned?

• Free PayPal Cash – earn PayPal credit via your PayPal account
• Free Xbox gift card – Xbox live Voucher via email coupon
• Free GooglePlay gift cards – earn a GooglePlay voucher and get it via email coupon
• Free Amazon gift cards – earn an Amazon voucher and get it via email coupon

Your Poll Pay team pays a lot of attention to data security at all times.!

No survey available? No problem! There are new surveys to earn money daily, that’s right, every day. These can be short opinion polls or longer market research. We select the very best ones for you so that you can make money comfortably and easily from home. This survey app replaces a part-time job! Use your time from anywhere and enjoy working from your smartphone.

Surveys for cash: The dream job for everyone! But there are not many survey apps that pay cash. Poll Pay is one of the only well working survey apps that can pay cash in the form of PayPal credit! Do you want something more specific? No problem, exchange your free cash for a voucher, such as an iTunes gift card.

You always wanted to improve your pocket money, or you just wanted to earn something with your mobile phone? With Poll Pay this is now super easy and possible for everyone. Complete the surveys like a quiz and earn $-points that you can redeem for your desired reward. It works like a cashback system that is unique in the Google Play Store. Also ideal for players who want to earn extra gems, gold or bucks.

Invite your friends to Poll Pay and earn extra free cash for each invite. Just share your referral or invite code and start earning credits.

Other cash apps take ages to transfer your money? Poll Pay has fast and secure payouts in real time!

Poll Pay is one of the highest-paying cash apps to earn real money rewards from home! Your opinion is important to us!

Use simple surveys to earn fast money. Earn credit with Poll Pay while you enjoy a coffee. Earn vouchers, coupons and rewards during your break at work with just a few clicks. You still lack a little money on PayPal to fill your next wish? Earn PayPal credit easily by answering some opinion polls. With Poll Pay, absolutely anyone can earn an extra salary.

❓ How does it work? ❓

1. Register with Poll Pay
2. Participate in surveys to get and increase your balance.
3. Exchange your balance for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and many other voucher cards.
4. Benefit from daily new surveys

Poll Pay experiences and ratings show that Poll Pay is the perfect app for paid surveys. Complete a survey now!

What's new

Poll Pay now offers even more opportunities!
- Postal codes can be checked to avoid incorrect entries
- Exclusions from polls will be justified even better from now on
- Bug fixes and improvements

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